T.E.A.M. Together Experiencing A Ministry

Outreach Teams:

This team consists of leaders and members of Hope who carry out our wide variety of campus outreach ministries and strategies at high school campuses, ASU campuses, as well as the community. This team works together to care for members and guests and also leads our annual Spring Break outreach trip to other university campuses.

Areas of Service

Campus Outreach:

Bible discussions, spring break outreach, special event outreach

Trevor Pentecost (trevor@hope4asu.org)


Matt Shields (matt.shields@hope4asu.org)


Live performances, staging and decorations, announcements

Samantha Romelfanger (samantha@hope4asu.org)

Children’s Church

Katie Shaffery (katie@hope4asu.org)

Hope Welcome

Event guest flow, Sunday service greeting

Austin Livermore (austin.livermore@hope4asu.org)

Operations Teams:

This team serves to support all of the functions of Hope through serving the needs of the ministry behind the scenes. Everything in our church relies on the strategic service of volunteers and staff in our operations teams.

Areas of Service


Design, video, photography, social media, sponsorships, publishing, website

Mackenzie Jones (mackenzie.jones@hope4asu.org)

Production & Logitistics:

Sunday service, outreach & events production & logistics, hospitality

Mike Romelfanger (mike.romelfanger@hope4asu.org)

Finance & Administration:

Budgets, staff services, bookkeeping, accounting

Cherish Pentecost (cherish@hope4asu.org)